Sunday, November 18, 2012


My handy dandy sister-in-law sent me this one and it was just too cute not to copy.   After about 15 texts asking her exactly what she did I figured it out and thought I would share.  

So everything can be bought at Michael's.   

I started with O.   First step is to fill the plain glass ornament with the glittery red balls, and then tie a ribbon to the top.   I then gorilla glued the ornament to a piece of glitter foam, you can use wood, or pretty much anything flat to keep the ornament standing.  

Step two:   Buy the white wooden letters in a J and Y and scrapbook paper.  I used green and white polka dots but you can use whatever paper you like.   Trace the letters and cut them out to placed on top of the letters.

Next paint the side of the letters to match whatever scrape book paper you buy.  

 Lastly use Martha Stewart's decoupage glue and sealer to glue the paper to the wood and then put another coat on top to seal it.  

Thanks again Sarah for this great idea!   

Happy Holidays!