Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mom' Birthday Present...a new old vanity!

My mother being the caring woman that she is, is always more worried about her children then herself, and has been using this old beat up vanity for over 25 years.   It was time for my handyman to intervene.   So for her birthday (which was in May)  Kev went to work on her new/old vanity!  

Turns our not only was this little guy old and beat.  Kev found out it was also was covered in lead paint.   So he first stripped the lead paint and refinished the top of the bench and the table.   Then he sanded and stained to bring out the beautiful natural wood that was hiding under that brown paint.   He then repainted the bottom with an antique white and then screwed in some new hardware.  

It was done just in time for us to borrow for Emmy's shower!  

1 comment:

  1. That is quite the handiwork! It’s nice that Kev’s handyman skills was able to restore this wonderful piece into a thing of beauty. Finding out about the lead paint and removing it was a nice touch as well. At least no one will get sick from possible lead poisoning in the household. Have a good one!