Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here comes Fall

 Fall Decorating around the Camponeschi house has begun...

You probably recognize these from earlier this year.   Here they are re-purposed.   Clearly Kev likes the reeses.  

Our kitchen table 

The Mantle from a far:


The Fall Sign was something I made from a trip to Michaels.   You just need the frame, scrape book paper, letters (from the scrape book isle) and you are all set. 

Above is the scrap book paper I started with...just cut it to fit the open frames and tape the paper to the mount of the frame.  Once you have everything tape to the white mount.  You add the letters.  Once that is complete, flip the frame over and enjoy!

Mumpkins for the front porch.

Take the top off the pumpkin and empty it out.   Fill it with pot soil, or leave the mum in the original pot and place the whole pot in the pumpkin.  My mum was too big so I need to remove it from the original pot.

I bought the bows at Michael's and added them at the end. 

More decorations to come. 

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