Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Getting Ready Room....No Boys Allowed!

Kevin and I share just about everything after almost 3 years of marriage, but sharing our closets is something we aren't quite ready to do.  :)    Until there is no longer a closest available in our house for both of us, we most likely continue to have two separate closets.  Which leads me to my next post.   I recommend every girl having their very own getting room.   This way I am able to still decorate with my girly colors and have a place to spread out my dresses while staying out of my husband's space.  (It's a win/win!)

My getting ready room is still a work in progress but here is where it stands today....

You may remember this desk from an earlier blog, this is a desk that my handyman turned into a vanity.  

 My in-laws bought me the Young House Love book for my birthday.  (which is great, by the way)  I quickly found my first project.

I first measured the top of my vanity, and then bought fabric and plexiglass matching those measurements.   Then either you or (your wonderful mother-in-law) hems the edge of the fabric, and that is it!    Little did my mother-in-law know, that not only did she buy me the book, but then I was going to ask her to help me with one of the projects!  Maybe I will learn to sew, someday...thank you MK!

This shelf took some time to find, but this is a product of some patient Homegoods shopping.  I had in my mind what I wanted for months.  I knew I wanted a shelf to put up pictures of Emma Claire, and also a place to hang my necklaces.  My handyman offered to make me one, but after you buy all the materials I think it was cheaper to buy the $24 shelf from Homegoods.  

Thank you Flair Accessories for the cute blue necklace! 

Like I said my getting ready room is still a work in progress.  I hope to have more updates sooner rather then later!  

Here are few other ideas for jewelry organizers just in case you are in the market!

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