Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trash to our Treasures

One of the problems when moving from a 2 bedroom house in the city to a 4 bedroom house in he burbs is you have a lot more rooms to fill out, and little furniture to do so.   Whenever I tell Kev I found a nice piece of furniture at pottery barn or crate and barrel.  His famous words back to me are, "I can make that."   Well the truth is in most cases he can.  Here is what we have done so far with making some one's trash our new treasures. 


This bench was given to me for free from a co-worker who was planning on taking it to good will.   


We took off the fabrics and bought some new foam padding.  I went to Joann's Fabric and bought a new pattern and...



Kev and I had a little debate of the master bedroom closet.  Yes who would have thought I would have been fighting my husband for space in the master closet.  Needless to say we ended in a comprise.  I agreed to make one of our spare bedrooms my "getting ready room" If Kev agreed to get me a new vanity.   Kev said well I will agree to make you a new vanity...which was good enough for me.  

Kevin found this desk at a consignment store for $25. 


Kev sanded down the desk and painted it with some off-white paint he bought from Lowe's.  I then bought some new knobs from antropologie and...


(Kev makes fun of me cause I spend more on the knobs then he did on the desk...but all in I think it was worth it.) 

Coffee Table

Our living room is our biggest room, and we had absolutely no furniture to put in it.  So here was a start. Kev found another treasure in a consignment shop.  $25 for a wood table.  Nothing a little paint and sanding couldn't help. 


Kev sanded the top of the table and shellacked it.   He then painted the bottom in white paint.  After painting it and letting it dry, he lightly sandy around the corners and edges to give it a distressed look.   The living room is one piece closer to be being done. 


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